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EDDM House Talk Newsletter

EDDM - House Talk Newsletter Mailer

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM®) is a cost-effective mailing solution for geographical farming. Market your expertise with our House Talk Newsletter series. The front page includes an anchor article, or you can cut and paste your content, along with two panels that can promote local events, a featured listing, or whatever you choose. The back side offers three different layouts: testimonials, current or sold listings, and recent comps. After selecting your newsletter, use our innovative EDDM® mapping tool to choose your carrier routes. Follow along with our step-by-step instructions to define your recipients by zip code, age range, and the number of households.

Size: 8.5" x 11"

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: EDDM is not recommended for time-sensitive mailings. If timing is critical to your EDDM campaign, it’s important to plan ahead to ensure your delivery arrives, usually within a two-week timeframe.


Every Door Direct Mail Newsletters allow you to connect with a wider farm at an affordable price. Here are 4 tips on sending EDDM House Talk newsletters.

1. Use Data and Statistics: 
Because these mailers aren't personalized to homeowners, incorporating data and statistics into your EDDM newsletter can help you back up your claims and provide value homeowners will appreciate.

2. Choose a Clear and Visually Appealing Layout: 
Your EDDM newsletter must be easily read and visually appealing. Choose an appropriate font size and style, using images and graphics to break up the text, and make sure the overall design is cohesive and professional.

3. Make It Visually Appealing: Use high-quality images and graphics to ensure your EDDM newsletter catches every homeowner's eye. Use a consistent color scheme, font, and layout to create a professional look and feel.

4. Feature a Call to Action: 
 Tell your audience what to do next, whether it'svisiting your website or scheduling a showing. You have the homeowners' attention—ensure your next steps are clear and concise.